среда, 22 января 2014 г.

11th Grade Task

Write a mini-essay answering these questions:
1. What natural disasters have happened in the last few months?
2. What do you think governments can do to prevent natural disasters?
3. What organisations do you know that povide aid after disasters or work for the environment?
4. What can we do as individuals to improve the environment and help victims of natural disasters?

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  1. 1. There is an extremely cold weather in Europe and America, which is rather unusual for these areas.
    There were an enourmous earthquake and a tsunami in Japan several years ago that caused many deaths. Many factories had to stop working because of it.
    Forests in Moscow are literally dying now because of summer forest fires. More than 50 thousand hectares have already been wiped out and 180 thousand hectares are in risk of dying today.
    2. I don't think that government can do anything to prevent natural disasters because they are almost unpredictable. In my opinion, the only thing they can do is to organise evacuation from dangerous places and to help people, who suffered from natural disasters, with money, accomodation, ect.
    3. EMERCOM, different charity funds...
    4. No doubt, many of the disasters happen because of the man. For instanse, a lot of forest fires were caused by human's disdainful attitude. Besides lots of disasters are the result of human's activity on factories and plants. So, I think, each individual is able to change the world by starting to change himself, for example, by not throwing rubbish on streets. Better me treat our planet, less it would be angry with us.

  2. 1. Natural disasters happen every day in every corner of our planet. For example snow in Washington and low temperatures in Europe.
    2. The state cant stop disasters,but it ready to help and support. The state allocates huge amounts of money for habitat restoration after disasters.
    3. Funds of charity
    4. To preserve our planet, we should be more careful to the environment, dont pollute the atmosphere, try to prevent what we can.