среда, 12 марта 2014 г.

Describing a photo

When describing a photo 
1) use the following plan:
Remember to say:
When you took the picture
Who/what is in the photo
What is happening
Why you took this photo
Why you decided to show it to your friend
Your monologue should also have an introduction and a conclusion
2) What is assessed?
- contents (3 points)
- logics and linkind devices (2 points)
- grammar and vocabulary (2 points)
- Introduction (say a few words about taking photos in general - if you enjoy taking photos, if it's your hobby, why and remember you can always make up a story - nobody will make you take a lie detector test!
- when you took the picture (you can also mention when the picture was taken, who was around at that moment)
- Who/what is in the photo

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