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Homework - 29/09

Hometask for 11A, 11B (29/09 - Monday)

1. Свободный диктант (изложение близко к тексту) Listen to the recording and write what the speaker is saying about the choice of landmarks. Think about the paragraphs.

2. Write about ladndscapes and landmarks in your country. Use the recording as an example. Include the following:
1. What types of ladscape are there in your country? What areas do you like most and why? What is the most impressive natural landmark in your country? Which natural landmark is your favourite? Why?
2. What are some of the prehistoric manmade landmarks in your country? Choose one and write about where it is, how old it is and what makes it so important. Have you visited it, what was your impression?/Would you like to visit it? Why?/Why not?
3. What are the most distinct modern manmade landmarks in your city/country? Provide info about it and express your opinion of it.

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