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Module 9: Topic Talk Homework

I Read the text and ask questions to the underlined words:

1) I think most computer games manufactures give good value for money. You get 2) hours and hours of fun from a good game and the grapgics and game play are getting better all the time. But a lot of mobile phone network providers offer poor services. They are really expensive and,3) in my area anyway, the network coverage  isn't always very good. The problem is that there are only 4) four big companies so there's not much competition.
5) My favourite company is Funk, because its products are attractive and well-made. They make cool, funky clothes. I dislike Alpha Telecom, because its services are inefficient and overpriced, in my opinion. Their internet connection is very slow and it sometimes just goes off completely! The problem is that all the other companies are just the same! 
The economic situation is not great in my country at the moment and there are hardly any job opportunities for young people now. I have done some part-time work 6) as a shop assisstant and some voluntary work for my school. My ambition is to set up my own business. I don't want to be a civil servant or work for a big company. I want to work for myself.

II Answer the questions (mini essay)

1. What companies in your country give good value for money?
2. What companies provide poor quality goods or services?
3. What is your favourite company? Why?
4. What company do you dislike? Why?
5. What is the economic situation like?
6. Have you ever done part-time work/ holiday work? What are the good and bad sides of working part time/ on holidays while still being at school?
7. Would you prefer to be self-employed or work for a multinational comapany? Why?

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