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Dear 10th grade student,

We've just started talking about relationships and I hope, it's an exciting topic to discuss. No doubt, our life is all about relationships and we just can't imagine what our life would be like without friends, our loved ones, our families, in other words, without our nearest and dearest.

So I'd like to tell you about my relationships - you've asked so many questions in your letters!
First of all, a few words about my family. I've got a small family with a few distant relatives. We are not very close as a family and don't often get together but I can't say that we don't get on. We don't have rows and I don't have a difficult family life, it's just that we are not very close. I guess, I get on especially well with my mom, Olga. We talk on the phone every other day. I don't get to see or talk to my dad, Alexander, very often, maybe, once in a month. As for my sister, Elena, who is 5 years younger than me, well... we used to fight and have rows back in our childhood :) These days we get along better. She has a complicated relationship with her husband so I try to help her out when she has problems. We see each other several times a week and I listen to her when she needs a shoulder to cry on. My sister's daughter, Sasha, is 18 months and she is soooooooo cute :) She is the apple of my sister's eye. 

As for my love life, I have a significant other. My boyfriend is a bit older than me and we get on brilliantly. We never have rows and we support each other. I absolutely trust him. I guess, I love him because he makes me smile and I feel happy when he is around. We often do things together, go for a walk, or to his parent's dacha, go out from time to time. We enjoy each other's company and feel relaxed around each other.

What about your relationships? If you want to keep your answer in private, you can email your answer to me to salma_sombre@mail.ru or just use your good old copybooks!

Looking forward to your answers!!!
Best wishes, 

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  2. Chelyabinsk

    Dear Yulia Aleksandrovna,

    I would like to tell some information about my relationship in the family and in society. So, I think should start my letter with the description of my family. It is not so big, it consists of mum and dad, grandfather, grandmother and another relatives. But I live out of the city with my parents. We get on well with each other. Sometimes my parents and I have arguments about my progress at school, but I always try to solve this situation getting a good marks. My dad really likes sending me to another part of the world every summer. And it is awesome! Not just because of great experience, it is a great opportunity to find new friends and to know more about culture and lifestyle of this people. My mom…I think she doesn’t have a big and important hobby, but she is a fond of shopping and spending money. And if I say about her personality, she is a really kind person.
    Then I would like to tell about my first-cousin. His name is Vova and he is a student. But we have a lot of in common and I like to talk or discuss some topics with him. Now about my friends, I do have a lot of them. I think that I don’t need a lot of friends to be happy. For example, Olya, in my opinion she is the best person in the whole world. I like to go out with her, having fun. We spend a great time together. And we have the same interests. Both of us like watching cartoons and playing computer games. So, I thing I am very lucky to have such friend as Olya.
    Best wishes,

  3. Chelyabinsk
    Dear Yulia,
    As for me, I don't thik that it's a goog topic for discussing. I don't really like to share information about my relationship with the people. But but it is our task, so I have to do it.
    So, I've got a small family with a difficlt family life, because my aunt and her family live in another city. We talk on the phone very rarely. We aren't very close as a family. And it's hardly ever see each other. I'm not keep touch with first cousins. But My mum (Svetlana) and I are really close. We have absolutely nothing in common, but we have a real laugh together. We always help each other out when we've got problems, she is like my friend. Sometimes we have rows. But it's small beer, because I love her anyway.
    Also I have a lot of friends, because I'm an outgoing person. I use a social network very often to keep in touch with my friends from mine or another countries. My best friend is called Leylya. We know each other for 5 years. We get on brilliantly, because we have similar interests and tastes,that's why we always watching new films together and doing things together. We study at the same school, so we meet up every day. We've never talk on the phone, we prefer chatting, because it's more convenient. In the Net I can send a photo to her or something like this. Sometimes she is strange, but she'll still be my best friend!
    In any case, what would not have been our family and our friends, we have to love them and taking care of them.
    Best wishes,

  4. Chelyabinsk
    Dear yulia,
    I also have some closeones.I have a few close relatives and a lot of distant ones.My distant relatives live far away in another country, but we are very close.We talk on skype at least once a week.And in summer we visit them for a month.We go to the sea, visit interesting places and swim in the sea.We talk without any problems inspite the fact that only the older generation there can speak russian.
    I have a few close friends too.But we are very close friends.We meet at least three times a week and talk on the fone every day.My best friends are Ilya and Nikita.I've known Ilya for four years.We where classmates.And I've known Nikita for 5 years.We both went to kikboxing.
    I like having time both with my relatives and my friends.
    Best wishes,